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Molecular Biolectrics

A Life Science and Business Integration Partnership

Established 1999

The Idea Center

We wish to establish a virtual space where business persons, experienced and inexperienced, can get new ideas as well as assistance in technology transfer. 

From the lab bench to the market is a difficult path. 

It always helps when you're with someone who has been there before.  A guide maybe a good term here.

Molecular Biolectrics has been there many times.  Take a look and respond. 

We will.  Click into the Idea Center and take a look at the future.

Potential Products & Business Entities under discussion


  •     Specific Cells Types On-Demand (Adult Stem Cell Derived) - Potential     Market > $7 billion.  Take a look!

  •     Serum-Free Cell Culture Media -  Potential Market > $2 billion.  Take a look!

  •     In Vitro Cancer Cell Model ((Adult Stem Cell Derived) - Potential     Market > $4 billion.  For REAL!  Take a look!

  •     Epigenetic Barriers to Cancer (Don't kill only differentiate.) - Potential     Market > $8 billion.  Take a look!


  •     Forever blooming flowers - Potential Market > $26 billion.  Take a look!

  •     Heavy Metal Ferns; detection and extraction systems  - Potential     Market > $1 billion.  Coming Soon.


  •     Electricity free Refrigerator - Coming Soon

  •     Green, Sustainable Mass Product Delivery - Zeppelins  - Potential Market > $2.5 trillion.  For REAL!  Take a look!

Team Building

A more ethical, efficient and sustainable internal corporate strategy.  Teams and ethics go together.  You can't have a team without cooperation.  For individuals to cooperate they all need to know the Rules of Interaction, another but important R.O.I.  For Rules simply read ethics.  Building a functioning workable Management Team will generate ethical behavior.  If not, you don't have a Team. 

Without a Team your company will fail.  The V.C.s know this strangely enough.  Molecular Biolectrics specializes in team building. 

Click the Team Building button.  There we'll be providing a growing list of methods and observation to aid you in your Team Building efforts. 

A Helping Hand with the Struggle

The struggle for survival in the commercial world is a real time, real world concern.  it always has been and always will be.  Not only is product development difficult and potentially terminal for a business, but Business development problems can also be deadly.  Business of any kind is still about people and their lives.  The human factor is thus of major concern.  No surprises there. 

The majority of businesses fail because of the people involved, specifically, the inexperienced and improper actions of the prime movers, Company Management.  Failure comes mostly from lack of Team building and propagating a We're all in this together, environment.  Internal, as well as, external difficulties require attention.  Running a successful company is hard. 

With over twenty years of experience in basic research and over a decade of hands-on work in the biotechnology, biomedical and drug discovery business arena, Molecular Biolectrics has first-hand, in the thick-of-it; Keep the Team motivated, experience.  Molecular Biolectrics has assisted companies in both product and corporate development.  We act as an integral partner in winning your struggle for survival in the high-tech business world.  It's tough.  You need help and a sense of humor to survive.         

Contact Information

Postal address
P.O. Box 1737, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1737, U.S.A.


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